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Adoption Fairs for healthy rescued animals


Due to the CoVid19 situation at the moment our Adoption Fairs at Novey Hardware store are suspended. We do have many amazing and sweet companion animals for adoption though.


All the animals available for adoption have been spayed/neutered.


Please email us for more information


Did you know that all of our animals are rescue dogs and cats and that they have all been fostered by our group of volunteers? 







We are a group made up of rescuers, animal rights foundations and animal rescue services who are organizing adoption events together. We work closely together and help each other with rescues and fostering.

Our mission is to rescue animals in dangerous and life threatening situations, to get sick and abused animals off the streets, and to neuter/spay as many animals as we possibly can by organizing low cost spay/neuter clinics.


We also advise animal "owners" on the subject Law 70 of 2012, Panama's Animal Protection Law


This law is sadly only protecting domestic animals but we are working to change that so that ALL animals will have protection under the law.

We assist the police in the confiscation of animals when there is obvious abuse or neglect, and call on the local population to file complaints on the basis of Law 70 when they witness or observe abuse and or neglect of an animal.

The adoption fairs before CoVid 19 were always "end of the line": a usually happy ending after in many cases several months of fostering an animal while fighting for their lives and nursing them back to health, getting them spayed/neutered, and then finally adopted.


Sadly due to the CoVid 19 outbreak worldwide, we are not able to hold our biweekly Adoption Fairs right now!

But even though CoVid 19 may be cramping our style right now, we still continue to rescue, foster, neuter/spay, and we have many lovely animals that are looking for a loving family TODAY!

Our volunteer work takes up most of our private resources. We do this work out of love for animals!


Cost of veterinarian help and medication, as well as food for the animals, is paid for by the volunteers out of pocket.

All of us sponsor as many animals' spay/neuter surgeries as possible, as well.

We are currently in the planning stages for an no kill animal shelter in the City of David, as well as for a mobile spay neuter clinic and a rescued farm animal sanctuary on Boca Brava. 

To be able to continue and expand our work we rely on  your donations in the form of money, or in the form of bags of animal food:) 

So if you love animals and want to donate to a good cause, please think of us. Our ambitious projects can only become a reality with your help!


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Some of our past adoption fairs and images of happy families!

Are you interested in adopting a lovely companion animal? Are you willing and able to offer a loving forever home to one of "our" dogs and cats?

Please contact us for the conditions for a successful adoption, and tell us what your dream companion animal would be like. Hit the button to the right for all more information on how to adopt.

You can make a world of difference in the life of an animal by giving him or her a forever home, and all the TLC an animal needs.

Thanks on forehand for your interest in adopting!

Remember: Adopt, Don't Shop!

Interested in Adopting
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