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Animal  Rescues

Over the past 20 something years and while living in Panama, the founder of Liberacion Animal Panama and her co-activists and rescuers have been able to rescue many animals from terrible situations of abuse and neglect, both in (factory farms and from private homes, as well as from lives on the street. We take rescuing very seriously and we are soon starting to train several young rescuers in first response animal care and safe transportation of animals.

Below we have made a compilation of several of our past and more recent animal rescues. Sadly, not all the rescued animals have survived very long in freedom: many are so sick, neglected and abused when we rescue them, that all we can do is make their last time on earth a safe time, in freedom and respect. We never forget these animals, they live on in our memories of them and in the memories of their fighting spirits.


Luckily, other individuals have been able to live out their natural lives in safe environments where they were loved and respected. Many of them are still here with us today. And many more will be rescued in days to come if we can help it.  

We need your help in helping them!

Help us rescue animals


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Meet some of our rescued animals !

Simba, Sushi, Kirinsky, Fufi, Sunshine, Pumpkin, Estrellita, Hawk, Paz,, squirrel, The Famous Hens, Waffle, Rorschach, Catioboys, referral to catio page, Nacho and Manny, Charlie, Crypto, Willow and Zoewy, Jaguar the pig and Lucy, Bongo, Olivver, Sarita are some of the animals we have rescued in the past few years. Many of them are still with us today!

We are still working on uploading their stories and foto albums to the site so check back often

The hens of Christmas


I managed to rescue 7 hens on Christmas Morning 2019.

They were raised as "broilers" in Avicolas Atenas, one of the largest chicken farms/slaughterhouses in Panama.


The hens were voluntarily handed over to me as an act of mercy for Xmas, by the owner of the facility. Nice detail is that the manager of the store, where these hens are bought and sold by the hundreds to the public, was so moved by my story about what David Animal Save does, and what we stand for, that he immediately "donated" the life of one chicken to me, making a total of 7.  I was so incredibly touched by the gesture, I broke out in spontaneous tears and cried with happiness for being able to rescue 7 hens, but having to leave behind thousands of their sisters to be slaughtered after a horrible life. 


I had prepared with my friend who lives on an island 1.5 hours away, that the hens could come and live out their natural lives with her chickens and roosters, without any exploitation. But that would be a long and very hot trip for the terrified animals in their cages in my truck. So I decided to take a watering and rest stop at my house, about halfway to our final destination. The ladies had their beaks wide open in fear and of course they were overheated. So after an hour of relaxation in a large pen, and after giving them water to drink, we continued our trip.


At the harbor of Boca Chica we regretfully noticed one of the hens had not survived the trip, so she received a respectful burial, while the other ladies were driven over the island to their final destination. My friend Vittoria's farm is forested and shady, and there is a chicken house were the ladies and their rooster all sleep at night. In the daytime the door to the coop is open, so if they feel like roaming and grazing and do chicken things, they can do so.

This video was made in June 2020, when all 6 hens were still doing great as you can see in the video. They are too afraid and brainwashed to go outside mostly as they have never known freedom. But they have lost weight, and their legs can now carry their more normalized bodies. They are doing their chicken things and seem totally happy.


My friend Mary made this small video so its her and her husband's voices you hear on the video. I visit the ladies about once a month, while during CoVId. At the moment, there are 3 hens left alive. Those are the strongest ones, the ones that lost weight fast enough to not have a heart attack because of the ridiculous weight they had to carry around. These "broilers" are not made to live long natural lives, so I am very happy that the ones that have passed on, could live in freedom for as long as 6 months, without exploitation, eating fruit and spending time in the fresh outdoors. I am so happy we could give them that! Tomorrow I will post a video from last week, where you can see how great the remaining 3 ladies are doing right now as we speak

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