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Become an animal rights activist

Become an activist for animals and help us eradicate speciesism and end the suffering of animals. As a bonus you will help the environment as well as personal health.

Volunteer at our spay neuter programs and learn how to care for animals.

Help us create and execute educational programs and workshops for children, so the young generation learns respect and love for animals form a young age.

Be an online activist and help us spread the word of animal liberation. Help by signing and sharing petitions.

Help us raise funds

Spread the word. Help people find our webpage and make donations. Become a member of a group of amazing activists fighting for animals in Latin America: one of the most carnist regions in the world.


Invite others to become a member of Liberación Animal Panamá . Make monthly or occasional donations. Help us sell our merchandise. Get active for animals!



In Person

Come and visit while we are doing activism for animals or visit one of the spay/neuter clincs we organise/attend. Visit our bi-weekly adoption fair. Or email us for more informtion about making donations.


Easily make donations on-line and choose which activism or activity you want to support

Buy Merchandise

When you buy our merchandise, 100% of the proceeds go towards activism 


By Email

Did you know how easy it is to make a quick donation by email?

Email us for our PayPal Me Link


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