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The manifesto of Liberación Animal Panamá Inc.


1. LAP works towards ending of animal exploitation and suffering in Panama and in the world.

2. Through education, LAP will stimulate the evolution to a vegan way of life, without cruelty, in respect for the environment of Panama and the world at large, and with respect for the health of the (Panamanian) people.

3. In compassionate and non-violent ways, LAP strives  towards a society where there is no exploitation and/or abuse of animals, no matter if they are domesticated animals such as dogs and cats, or animals used in scientific experiments or in the development of cosmetics, animals used  in circuses, in the production of “meat”, “poultry”, “aquaculture”, animals used for the exploitation of their sexual organs such as egg laying chickens: animals used in cockfighting, horse racing, in rodeos; animals used  in breeding for their pedigrees , be it dogs, cats or other animals: the sale and transport of live animals with the exception of transport for morally and ethically sound purposes such as rehoming, veterinary visits and so on: animals used in the production of fur and wool for use in human fashion and clothing.

Bees used in honey production. Birds used for their feathers.

LAP works as an advocate to propagate the end of exploitation of animals in all its forms.

4.            LAP strives to obtain political changes towards an acceptance of universal primary rights for all animals, whilst working towards the abolition of cockfighting, rodeos, to using horses in races or for transportation, to end the breeding of animals for economic purposes, the sale of animals in pet shops etc. LAP works towards guaranteed legal rights for all animals to live according to their nature, without exploitation.

5.          We continuously rescue animals in situations of danger and abuse, and remove them from that situation.

After or during the rescue and removal of an animal in danger from the place where the animal is being kept in a situation of abuse, neglect and/or exploitation, we make veterinary care available to the individual.

As soon as the animal is recovered from his or her life threatening illness or injuries caused by the abuse,  the animal in question will be spayed or neutered ( dogs and cats ) and then rehomed  in permanent homes with eligible adoptive families. 

"Animals in situations of danger and abuse" also include animals that are used and exploited in agriculture, as well as companion animals, animals used in laboratories, animals exploited in puppy mills, 

6.         We will work towards the creation of a Legal Right to Rescue "Animals in situations of danger, abuse, neglect , cruelty and exploitation"  which includes the right by law to rescue any endangered farmed animal, animals in laboratories, animals used in puppy mills and any animal in a position of danger, including homeless animals living on the streets or in situations of cruelty, as well as wild animals that are being held in captivity unnessesarily.  

7.         LAP works on creating a national or at least province wide system where animal abusers will be registered, in collaboration with other animal welfare groups, rescuers and the authorities. Offenders and abusers will no longer be able to keep animals in their care for the duration of their lives.

8.          LAP helps organize bi-weekly or monthly spay/neuter clinics for cats and dogs in areas of difficult access, where there is a human population with limited  resources. Offer the service of sterilization of companion animals at very reduced prices or free of charge in order to end the uncontrollable propagation of animals in the street, which is the cause of much suffering..

9.          We support the organizations that organize Adoption Fairs, where animals will be eligible for adoption after a thorough check has been done on the prospective adoptive family’s suitability and after the animal in question has reached optimal health and has been spayed or neutered.

10.         LAP aims to introduce and advise animal fharmers on alternative ways to own a profitable business, diverting from animal husbandry to alternative businesses, which could for instance be assisting a dairy farmer into moving into producing plant based milk and retiring his animals to sanctuaries. Or help a cattle farmer to start a business in regenerative agriculture without animals, such as organic veganistic farming with rotating crops.

11.          LAP will work on inspiring alternative businesses and funds to farmers to help and motivate them to move away from animal agriculture and into cruelty-free businesses: we will help provide education to that end, and network  with government and local lending institutions to help start address and support this changeover.

12.           Through its Health Save Movement branch, LAP aims to organize healthy vegan cooking courses for government agencies, schools and colleges and other educational institutions, promoting universal respect for the environment, for all animals, and for us humans.

13.           We aim to create an understanding of zoonotic viruses and antibiotic resistant bacterias and incite awareness into how zoonotic viruses and antibiotic resistance have all been created by humans because of how we raise huge numbers of animals in captivity for human consumption. We want to help educate towards a vegan way of life and thereby hopefully help avoid the next pandemic whilst promoting Planet Health.

14.           David Animal Save will continue to hold weekly slaughterhouse vigils at different slaughterhouses in the Province of Chiriqui. We are currently holding bi weekly vigils at Machisa in Pedregal, David, Chiriqui, and we are working on making an inventory of slaughterhouses and factory farms in Chiriqui Province, followed by the other provinces of Panama, and then hopefully have recruited activists to start new chapters at the other slaughterhouses of Chiriqui.

15.          We will continue to organize direct nonviolent action, demonstrations, marches, street theatre and presentations in schools, high schools and universities. 

16.          We need to work on recruiting more local activists and create a growing activist community that will be well trained in nonviolent direct action.

17.          Liberacion Animal Panama will create a permanent sanctuary for rescued "farm" animals where they can live out their natural lives in respect for their person.

18.          We plan to revert a former cattle ranch on a save location in the province of Chiriqui into a healthy ecosystem, by creating an edible forest, plant endemic trees, fruit trees, all in a veganic manner. Create corridors and pastures for rescued animals. Employ regenerative veganistic agriculture to guarantee soil improvement by avoiding chemicals and mono culture. This also makes it possible for local species of animals to inhabit the area once again, as they had lost their natural habitat to encroaching cattle farming and deforestation. 

19.          We will build a home for cats with FIV or leucemia,  where the animals can live their natural lives well cared for and with love and respect, as well as a small home for animals that are hard to adopt out; animals who are difficult to rehome because of old age or disability.

20.          Our organization is an American Not for Profit Foundation, and exempt from paying taxes on revenue raised for our causes. Within a couple of months we will also obtain legal stature as a non profit foundation in Panama.


We will need to raise funds for the continuous care of our rescued animals, for the upkeep of the sanctuary and to be able to provide veterinary care, adequate housing and pasture for the animals, to provide transport, and pay expenses of maintenance and feed cost for the rescued animals. We need to have a veterinary technician living on site, as well as at least one or two farm-hands to help take care of the animals and their homes/pastures. 







Taking non-violent Direct Action for Animal Liberation in Panamá Central America

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