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Can cultured meat be the end of factory farming?

It may not be for everybody, and bringing this meat to the supermarkets may take another year or maybe two, but this will become a reality sooner than we think.

Lab-grown meat is being developed in many laboratories around the world, as an alternative to the destructive animal agriculture which has decimated wildlife, has been the cause of inmense deforestation and loss of habitat as well as climate change and global warming.

Last week we could read that there is a 3D printer under development for comercial purposes, which is able to print steak: it seems like animal ag is soon no longer necesary which wousld be a huge blessing for the world and especially for the animals.

Cultured meat

Cell-cultured ‘cultured meat’ is being developed so that consumers can buy ‘real’ meat without the animal cruelty that is inherent to farming and exploiting animals, or the huge negative environmental impacts of conventional meat production; in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, land use, deforestation, water use and so on. 

There is also some discussion about the possibility of altering the constituents of the lab-grown meat to make it less harmful to human health.

Of course, if you are in it for Health reasons, you might as well just go vegan!

But for those who insist on eating meat, lab grown cell based meat might be the solution towards a healthier, cruelty free world.

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