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Don't forget to register for the Animal Liberation Conference!

Prices have already gone up to $100 per registration, and the early birds got the best deals as usual.

Still, a hundred bucks for that amazing and life changing experience this conference will surely prove to be is almost a freebie. sponsored by many innovative vegan food and clothing brands, this conference gives you the chance to meet with amazing animal liberation activists from all corners of the world.

Of course Liberación Animal Panamá will be in Berkeley again too for the #ALC2019.

After participating in amazing mass activism during both #ALC2018 in Berkeley and #ALWC2018 in Salt Lake City, we are absolutely STOKED to be able to see our old friends again, share in mass actions for the animals, and meet amazing new friends. We will be able to hone our activist skills and become better leaders, while networking with activists from every corner of the world and undertake political actions, mass rescues and super cubes of Truth.

Do you want to be a part of the #ALC2019 and make history for animal liberation with us?
Register here ! Join us!

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