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In Memory of our fallen fellow activist Regan Russell.


 News: we are now masterplanning the first farm animal sanctuary in Panama.

One Love, Second Life.

More updates will follow soon. Our animal sanctuary masterplan also includes a forever home for cats with leukemia and/or FIV, and animals that are difficult to rehome. All this on the beautiful island of Boca Brava, Panama. 


The Root Cause of Pandemics Few People Think About

It’s our seemingly insatiable desire to eat meat



Vegan activists and scientists alike have been warning the public about the dangers related to animal farming for decades now.


When both the WHO and the UNO published reports on the dangers of animal agriculture and factory farming both for its devastating environmental impact as well as from the viewpoint of human health, we shrugged the matter of as un important and kept on gorging ourselves on meat, milk, and cheese as if we were insistent on remaining ignorant.


We just keep on breeding animals in horrible conditions in cramped spaces, because it seems we cant live without our nuggets and burgers. The horrible suffering of all these sentient creatures are being ignored or covered up by the industry by using soothing and misleading terms such as “cage free” , “humane” and ‘free range” so that our conscience is put to sleep and we feel that we cause no real harm.


Our environment has also suffered tragically from what is humans biggest mistake ever: factory farming. We have literally created  hell on earth for the billions of sentient animals that we breed into existence just to have them suffer horrible lives and then have them horribly killed at a young age,  for the pleasure of our palates.


Animal agriculture has been the lead cause for deforestation, loss of wild species habitats, dead zones in waterways such as oceans and rivers because of the contamination with feces of animals, and has helped sustain inequality and racism; as most factory farms are hidden away in areas where most people are not rich white Americans . You will not find many factory farms in Beverly Hills. The workers in the meat industry are blue color workers doing an awful and dangerous job and in many cases are illegal immigrants from developing countries. As recent developments have shown, meat processing plants and slaughter houses all over the world have been CoVid-19 hotspots with many workers exposed to the virus while working too close together and even without protection from the side of the employers.


Worldwide, dozens of meat plants have had to close – sadly only temporarily – because of the large number of people with CoVid-19 infections, in many cases fatal, even.


Animal agriculture causes harm to nonhuman animals, our planet, and to our health. We are now in the midst of a global pandemic caused by COVID-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2). We are seeing the catastrophic results that animal farming can have on our planet and society.


Individuals are grasping for more information. Where did COVID-19 originate? How can we prevent future pandemics? There are answers to many of these questions.


You can help stop future pandemics that come from farming wild and domestic animals. Now is the time to make the connection between animal agriculture and deadly zoonotic diseases!


Dr Aysha Akhtar, a neurologist, public health specialist and a Commander in the US Public Health Service states “Three-fourths of emerging human infectious diseases come from animals. But it’s not the animals’ fault. If we want to prevent these diseases and save millions of people from untold suffering we have to face the inevitable and uncomfortable truth: the real culprit is how we choose to relate with and treat animals.”


The coronavirus is not the first pandemic the human race has battled that has ties to animal farming.

In 1918 we saw horrific results from the “Spanish” Influenza where the acute illness was seen in 25-30 percent of the world’s population and caused death in an estimated 50 million people. Spanish Influenza was caused by an H1N1 virus with genes of avian origin.


The SARS Coronavirus (Cov) epidemic of 2003 is thought to be an animal virus that spread to civet cats and then to humans. It infected 8,098 and killed 774 people. Another infectious disease that emerged from humans’ desire to eat meat was Ebola in 2014, which came from the direct exposure to Fruit Bats and the butchering of primates. Ebola killed over 13,000 people. 


HIV, the cause of AIDS in the human population can be traced back to a population of chimpanzees and likely jumped to humans through butchering and consuming their flesh. According to the World Health Organization, at the end of 2018, HIV had taken 32 million lives.


Yes, 32 million lives!


COVID-19 has impacted almost every country on Earth. We do not know how many more humans will die as a result of the CoVid-19 pandemic, but as of June 6, 2020 the virus has infected 6.663,304 people worldwide and killed 392,802.


Scientists believe that the Corona Virus originated from a wet market (live animal market), in Wuhan, China. This market sold live and dead animals for human consumption. Some of the animals are killed and butchered onsite. Environments like these are filled with stressed and terrified animals, feces and urine, and the aftermath of those who were butchered. These filthy and overcrowded conditions are the perfect breeding ground for viruses like COVID-19. 


How different is a wet market in Wuhan, China, compared to an industrial chicken farm in the United States, in the UK, in Europe or in any other country in the world?


The similarities are frightening. 99% of animals raised in the US come from large-scale operations where stressed and terrified animals are crammed into small spaces often living in their own feces and other bodily fluids. In Panama this is no different, while of course the absolute numbers are lower because the population of Panama is just 4 million people.


Calling for an end to wild animal markets is not enough. History has proven through other pandemics and COVID-19 that there is a direct link between eating animals and global pandemics. It is time to make a change. To prevent pandemics like coronavirus we must end the demand for animal flesh. For a healthy and kinder world, we must go vegan preferably.


On a positive note, there is a large global development in the meat industry happening right now, which will make a radical change in the production of proteins : we see companies that offer plant based meat and dairy alternatives flourish, and with the development of  “clean meat” – another exciting new way of making meat without using and killing a living sentient creature – we can hopefully see the end of the animal Holocaust within the next decade and a half or so.


#FoodSystemChangeNow #CloseAnimalAg #endanimalagriculture ##closetheslaughterhouses #endfactoryfarming #govegan

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CoVid19 and the connection of animal agriculture and zoonotic pandemics

THE News this week

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Due to the current CoVid-19 situation our activism has had to change shape and adapt to the social distancing rules.

We continue to rescue  and rehome animals in situations of danger and abuse, and we continue to investigate factory farming in Panama,  while we are preparing to  go back to  holding Vigils for animals  entering the slaughterhouse as soon as possible . Meanwhile, we are designing the masterplan for the first  rescued farm animal sanctuary in Panama.

One Love, Second Life. 

We count on your continued support for our work for animals. We can't do it without you! 


 Liberación Animal 


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Our mission is to accomplish Total Animal Liberation within 1 generation through

Non-Violent Direct Action as well as to create the first rescued farm and domestic animal sanctuary in Panama, and advocate for legal definition of non human animal rights under Panamanian Law as well as internationally. 

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